Windows Installer Query Tool - Version 2.00 "Automation Diamond"


This really worth looking and evaluating! Major improvements and functionality updates. Now nearly complete package processing automation is possible in the sheet... Very useful development tool, especially during batch queries debugging. Try it and buy by providing valuable feedback!

Release Notes

  • Query generation ability for tables - could be possible to generate SELECT, INSERT and CREATE ones for selected table from "Table Tools"
  • MSI databases could be opened, closed and saved during batch processing now (<OpenMSIReadOnly - path>, <OpenMSIWrite - path>, <SaveMSI> and <CloseMSI> commands)
  • "Query History" could be cleaned by using <CleanQueryHistory> command
  • "Save MSI To" function added with <SaveMSITo - path> command
  • User interface option to close current MSI database (If unsaved changes noticed - warning will be shown)
  • Get table function now show key columns with (key) mark and italic formatting
  • General Information now has decode functionality for InstallShield project files string
  • Practical query batch example added in to "Query Batch" tab, additional queries in "Source Data" tab
  • Logging of generated guids and queries has been changed; Result now contains generated artifact
  • "Execute Batch" button in "Query Batch" behavior changed - now it is not disabled when package is not opened (scripting requirement)
  • MS Excel sheet appearance adjustments in different tabs

Windows Installer Query Tool - Version 2.00 - Download

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